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Sep 01, 2003 records of north american whitetail deer is the definitive history book of trophy whitetail deer in north america. This score surpasses a deer taken from monroe country, iowa, in 2003 that scores 307 58, which was the largest huntertaken nontypical whitetail and ranked no. Plus, brad and his wife are outdoor photographers for realtree and advantage camouflage s national ads. They hunt whitetails for the meat and to be doing something they enjoy with family and friends. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on grand view outdoors. Iowas reputation for whopper whitetails was built on bucks like this incredible 10. Here are, in my opinion, the six books every whitetail hunter should read. The game hunting areas ghas map appears in the middle. However, deer hunters in the bowbells area knew it existed. Back to gallery although tucker seems to have secured the world record for the whitetail deer, hell have to wait until the boone and. Jan 27, 2009 in this article i discuss how the map of recordbook bucks is changing, offer a few reasons for this change, and list what i believe are currently the top 10 areas in the nation for recordbook caliber whitetails refer to the large map at the end of this chapter. The buck that had eluded his family for years was now being held in his fingertips.

It puts management into perspective and, over a period of time, provides important information about the health of a deer herd and the quality of individual animals in the population. Strr whitetails map and location texas whitetail deer. The buck had led a secluded life, with no reports of any person ever seeing it. Book a meeting room at the whitehorse public library book a tour at. Most whitetail deer hunters are not all about trophy whitetail deer hunting. Biggest nontypical whitetail ever killed by a hunter. As our deer expert scott bestul pointed out in his whitetail 365 blog, petrzilka has earned a far greater distinction than a state record. Jon shaw, the ncwrc deer biologist, said that while a sample consisting of record book bucks is small, that area has several factors going for it. Brian murphy, one of the leading whitetail authorities in the nation and ceo of qdma, is calling this book a. The whitetailed deer odocoileus virginianus, also known as the whitetail or virginia deer, is a. Trophy wisconsin buck brings pride, awe and controversy. Stephen esker, the ohio hunter who shot a pair of 200class whitetails inside the columbus, ohio city limits in backtoback seasons, shared news with field and stream of yet another dandy ohio whitetail that was taken last night by bow hunter ronnie stevens. Indiana record book whitetail deer field and stream.

Dec 19, 2012 the hoosier record book does list bucks by county and highest score decending. When your food plot system is the only high quality food source that hasnt been pressured in the area, deer will gravitate to it. The 4 12yearold buck was shot by apple creeks owner, scott follett, and green scored 547 inches. At 105years old, clyde roberts is the oldest hunter in north at 105years old, clyde roberts is the oldest hunter in north america. However, texas whitetail bucks often qualify for the record books by virtue of their. The outstanding whitetailed deer program, jointly sponsored by the division of fish and wildlife, the new jersey state federation of sportsmens clubs, the new jersey outdoor alliance conservation foundation and the united bowhunters of new jersey, is designed to recognize the quality of the states deer resource and the sportsmen and. Along with each state and provincial listing is a map showing record book deer distribution, photographs of each. The midwest is known for growing some really big bucks, and so are many hunting estates. Alabama underwent an extensive whitetailed deer restocking program during the middle of the 20th century. Ive read more deer hunting books than i can remember, but a handful. Records of north american whitetail deer now contains detailed tabular listings of 12,254 whitetail trophies ranked according to their alltime boone and crockett scores. Mississippi whitetailed deer simulated mean conception date map.

At 105years old, clyde roberts is the oldest hunter in north america, but he still returns to the woods every fall to hunt whitetail deer with his sons on their family farm. Back to gallery although tucker seems to have secured the world record for the whitetail deer. When soil has good nutrients, quality foods are abundant, allowing bucks to grow larger antlers, faster. As a deer hunter, i read a lot about where to hunt big whitetail bucks. And if youve never heard of this deer, youve got some catching up. Aging harvested deer is fundamental to deer management. Enter your information in the fields below to receive uptodate news on our upcoming and latest hunts, photos of our memorymaking trophy deer, special offers, and to. In fact, it doesnt appear on the historical top 10 state listing for whitetail records in either typical or nontypical bucks, but when factoring in just the last 10 years, appears on both lists with 196 typical and 125 nontypical listings for a total of 321 record book entries. The buck is only the 16th typical to score better than 200. This deer, somewhat similar to the missouri buck in regard to the frame, has trash going everywhere.

Texas biggest open range buck in 100 years texas fish. Gallatin resident stephen tucker talks about his worldrecord deer, which he killed on nov. The hoosier record book does list bucks by county and highest score decending. Sep 15, 2012 records of north american whitetail deer is the definitive record book of wild, freeranging trophy whitetail deer in north america.

Similar to the online database, this publication contains trophy records for whitetail, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep and elk taken in nebraska. I also needed maps, since they are more useful and informative than lists. This searchable database contains trophy whitetail, mule deer, pronghorn antelope and elk taken in nebraska since 1945. Coues deer are most common in arizonas southeastern mountains, but range up on to. Site map safari club international online record book. Nov 15, 2016 gallatin resident stephen tucker talks about his world record deer, which he killed on nov. Your daily wisconsin outdoor news update may 15, 2020. American hunter best places to hunt record whitetail. One of the most common questions asked of biologists during the deer. No one had seen the big deer, but two sets of shed antlers showed up near the town of. Hey all, i killed a buck with my bow the other day in laclede county.

Big game trophy records book each year the nebraska game and parks commission publishes an updated edition of the big game trophy records book. If a shot is attempted andor a deer is wounded, the obligation on our behalf has been met. Neil and craig doughertys new book promises to revolutionize deer hunting. Northcountry whitetail releases new book whitetails. It is our intention to get you a reasonable opportunity at the caliber deer you are looking to harvest. Tennessee man breaks world record with 47point buck. County listing will list the weapon used but does not seperate scores.

I am trying to find records by county to see where he places. A book of the illinois big buck recognition program of whitetail deer as compiled from data in the illinois department of conservations files editor timothy d. Complete and official hunting trophy records, scores, pictures, and species information for over 100 big game animals from the worlds leading hunting conservation group safari club international. For the past two years, huge sheds had been found near the town of kenmare, about 11 12 miles southeast of bowbells. The map of north america on page vii shows in detail.

All hunters i have known that have added map hunting methods to their whitetail hunting strategies have become more successful on all types of deer, especially trophy whitetails. So its clear that indianas whitetail herd has the genetics to produce. Foreign resident moose hunters must book their hunt through a. The 27yearold farmer and avid deer hunter from gallatin, tennessee, shot the deer with a muzzleloader in november. Simply put, good soils are the primary reason, shaw said. How to use topographic maps to find deer deer hunting. What may be the biggest whitetail deer ever harvested by a hunter was taken august 25 at the apple creek whitetail ranch in gillett, wisconsin. The antlers from a potential world record whitetail deer killed in sumner county last week. In addition to these statebystate listings of the top scoring whitetail deer from the late 1800s to 2002, the book also includes editorial features covering a range of topics of interest to deer managers, biologists, and hunters. Enter your information in the fields below to receive uptodate news on our upcoming and latest hunts, photos of our memorymaking trophy deer, special offers, and to be entered into our contest for a free hunt. The first step was record book data from the boone and crockett club. Its legend to all those who spend time thinking about giant whitetails. This book is an updated listing of trophies replacing the 36th edition of 2015. Over 7,500 listings of whitetail deer from the boone and crockett clubs records program dating back to the late 1800s up through december 31, 2002.

A well laid blood trail lead seth right to his trophy buck and into the states record book. I have spent most of my life working to harvest trophy whitetails each season. Mo records by county missouri whitetails your missouri. Combine the two, and you get some of the biggest bucks in the world. So, what gives with a breaking story on texas biggestever whitetail during the dog days of august. A food plot can be an outstanding way to do so, if the deer herd has been set up with a general practice to never hunt a food plot.

Tennessee hunters 47point deer breaks world record the. Massive ontario buck sends shock wave through province. Jan 10, 2017 tennessee man breaks world record with 47point buck. Records of north american whitetail deer is the definitive record book of wild, freeranging trophy whitetail deer in north america. Stephen tucker, 26, of gallatin attempted to shoot the trophy buck with a muzzleloader. Kansas deer management maps deer hunting regulations. It also lists the top 50, by bow and gun state wide. This is the only 6by6 typical whitetail ever to gross over 220 inches, said fish, 45. Alltime top 10 list winners of the 2020 deer classic. Nebraska trophy recognition certificates have been awarded since 1962 for outstanding big game trophies t aken in the state during legal hunting seasons. Records of north american whitetail deer fourth edition. North dakota potential record buck shot on opening day of.

Hunter harvests record archery buck in wisconsin outdoorhub. On the first day of deer hunting season, stephen tucker, a 27yearold farmer in tennessee, shouldered his muzzleloader and aimed at a whitetail with. You can search the database by species type, weapon used, year and by the hunters name. If you leave the hunters name box empty, all records will be shown. This article is a chapter reprint from brad herndons book titled mapping trophy bucks. Their evolution, behavior, and ecology, stackpole books, isbn 0811704963. Arizonas other deer, the coues, is a subspecies of the whitetailed deer. This deer belongs to the millions of hunters who hit the. This greatly expanded fifth edition features over 12,400 listings of whitetail deer from the boone and crockett club s records program, dating back from the late 1800s up through december 31, 2011. Trophy whitetail deer hunting is a year round quest.

Late antlerless deer season map for assistance call 5172849453. Tennessee native stephen tucker set a new record in 2016 with a 47point trophy whitetail. A possible world record whitetail deer was killed in sumner county on monday. Learn about yukon mule deer and how and where to view them.

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