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The singers musical theatre anthology 16bar audition revised edition. Free soprano saxophone sheet music, lessons, chord charts, resources sheet music pieces to download from. The baritone saxophone is commonly used in concert bands, chamber music, military bands, jazz such as big bands and jazz combos. Music123 has all the saxophone neck assemblies, mouthpieces, cases and gig bags, as well as care and cleaning supplies for your saxophones needs. This curved allora soprano sax produces a very warm and even sound, making it ideal for musicians who perform in a concert band. Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, ipad, iphone and android. In this writeup, we have focused on some of the great classical saxophone music pieces in no particular order. Aug 12, 2008 i love the song how long has this been going on and i think it makes a great audition piece. Hal leonard the 16bar theatre audition for soprano. The best soprano saxophone brands like selmer, yamaha, cecilio, and many others have given incredible musicians the means to make some of the best music the world has ever heard.

The baritone saxophone uses a mouthpiece, reed, and ligature in order to produce sound. What is a good alto saxophone audition piece for a jazz. Most large audition calls for musical theatre, both professionally and in larger school situations, specify that those auditioning bring in a 16 bar excerpt. The audition itself is essentially just 3 pieces of my choosing, plus scales, so i guess my question would be, what are some good jazz pieces for the bari sax. She performs in operas, including the 2017 opera america showcase at the town hall in times square. Purchase, download, and print selections of soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone saxophone sheet music from our website, or access them from a suite of 100% free mobile apps available for ios ipadiphone, android devices, windows and mac desktops. Baritone saxophone your guide to woodwind intonation.

Most large audition calls for musical theatre, both professionally and in larger school situations, specify that those auditioning bring in a 16bar excerpt. This saxophone plays easy, responds without effort, has a fast action, and is built for quality sound and comfort. There are many different brands and styles available that also range in quality level from a beginner horn all the way up to professional models. Stillwater area hs bands required audition excerpts 201718 tenor saxophone rocky point holiday ron nelson rehearsal 1 to 4 tempo. View our selection of intermediate baritone saxophones for sale. To help you choose the perfect audition piece, musicnotes has teamed up with sheri sanders, the. With the allora vienna series sopranino saxophone, players will find a true gem. With a sound that is rich, strong and even, the allora aass301 soprano saxophone will get students off to a great musical start. Get the best deal for intermediate soprano saxophones from the largest online selection at. Also, the granddaddy of all jazz ballads, lush life, is eventually sung by every jazz singer who wants to be taken seriously.

Examples of satisfactory audition repertoire include. Applicants may audition on soprano, alto, tenor or baritone saxophone. Print and download in pdf or midi englishman in new york. Saxophone by forge recording bozza improvisation et caprice. This is not a complete list, however, these fingerings will be helpful. Editor michael dansicker is a musical theatre veteran with 100. Every allora instrument undergoes a shop key adjustment usually reserved for instruments that are much more. The hawk curved soprano saxophone produces a warm sound, beautiful articulation, and even response in all registers. This season alone, ive heard of at least two eccs that switched to 8bars. Anyway, im going to be auditioning for a jazz minor at my university next fall and im kind of at a loss at where to begin. Jupiter model jss1100 intermediate soprano saxophone sn yf06501. Keilwerths indemand model is the sx90r, available for alto, tenor, and baritone. Since judging panels or creative teams typically ask for 16 or 32bar excerpts of music, weve taken. You will find that many of the alternate fingerings will work for all of the saxophones soprano, alto, tenor, baritone.

Soprano saxophone sheet music, lessons, chord charts. The 10 best tenor saxophones for beginner and intermediate. The 16bar theatre audition tenor edition broadway books. Any suggestions for other possible repertoire for this ensemble. Of course, the schools of music at universities want audition pieces, yet all of the works they listed as audition pieces are for alto. Thanks to the allora vienna series soprano saxophone, musicians on a tight budget can still get a quality sax. The 16bar theatre audition soprano by songbook sheet music. Oct 22, 2015 while characterized by a shiny bell, intricate key work, neck and an sshaped curvature, the saxophone has undergone countless design changes and innovations since adolf sax invented it in 1846. Two movements or etudes of contrasting style and tempo. You see the keys or pad cupsclosing and opening the holes. Hal leonard the 16 bar theater audition soprano edition hal leonard on.

Allora vienna series intermediate sopranino saxophone. The 16bar theatre audition soprano edition broadway. It may be the best budget tenor saxophone that money can buy. Each of the 100 excerpts in this unique resource are 16 ba. Allora aass301 series student soprano saxophone musicians. I still play an alto sax, and i sometimes play before groups with someone on piano. Paris series professional straight soprano saxophone with 2. What are some easytolearn jazz audition songs for a first. Shop wholesale soprano saxophone, saxophone, musical instruments and more from china best cheap wholesalers on dhgate and get worldwide delivery. The singers musical theatre anthology 16bar audition sheet. Pachelbels canon arranged for saxophone quartet by nigel wood. Intermediate bari sax saxophone pro winds online store. The curved soprano saxophone is a charming instrument, preferred by many players for its appearance and greater immediacy in sound.

The concert was recorded at long branch high school on february 7, 20. Here are eight of the most common audition book myths out there. View and download yamaha saxophone owners manual online. Trio for saxophone, voice and piano sax on the web forum. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. If you audition in a small room, it may not be appropriate to play the altissimo section from the dahl concerto. Get the guaranteed best price on student soprano saxophones like the allora aass301 series student soprano saxophone at musicians friend. Ive never felt more prepared walking into an audition thanks for the confidence guys. The number of open slots for new saxophone students is limited, and competition is traditionally very high to get into the program. Soprano saxophone are made out of two main types of materials, which include yellow brass and bronze. Dont worry we arent talking about you were talking about our soprano saxophones. Shop and buy the 16bar theatre audition soprano sheet music. Perfomance of the all shore jazz band, an audition band representing nearly 50 high schools in central new jersey.

Heres a look at some of the most important models and the. Despite a lineage that dates to the early twenties, the soprano was not widely used as a solo instrument in many early jazz recordings. Allora paris series professional straight soprano saxophone. Englishman in new york sheet music for soprano saxophone. Soprano saxophones are the highest voice of the most commonly used saxophone and a member of the woodwind family.

Hal leonard the 16bar theatre audition for soprano most large audition calls for musical theatre, both professionally and in larger school situations, specify that those auditioning bring in a 16bar excerpt. Listed below are alternate fingerings for many of the naturally outoftune notes on the baritone saxophone. Precision machined from hard rubber bar stock material, the s90 features a square throat. Nearly all american, european, and even japanese saxophones made before 1980 are more solid than the average saxophone coming out of china today. When i was in high school, i played a curved soprano for a few months, before being transferred to a huge baritone. To make this an even more attractive saxophone deal, allora includes two necks with each paris series soprano sax. Twentyfive great jazz soprano saxophone performances. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Now all those dreams of owning a sopranino can become a reality.

For up to date information about audition dates and times please see the uw school of music audition information page. To make this an even more attractive saxophone deal, allora includes two. Its accessible while still offering professionalstyle key work, lacquered brass body and neck construction and an adjustable thumb rest. Groth music company 16bar theatre audition soprano. The professionals in musical theatre often complain that singers dont know how to construct an appropriate 16 bar audition, either in choosing a song or in editing an excerpt. Lets start by checking out a soprano sax thats ideal for concert band use.

The baritone and bass saxophones are truly unique within the saxophone family. Professional models like the selmer reference 54 can cost up to. Become a musicnotes pro plus member today and receive pdfs included with every song plus take 15% off all digital sheet music purchases. Vintage 1922 silver conn new wonder curved soprano sax, goldwash. The soprano is the third smallest member of the saxophone family, which consists from smallest to largest of the soprillo, sopranino, soprano, alto. Allora paris series professional alto saxophone musicians.

Shop and buy the 16bar theatre audition baritonebass sheet music. Hal leonard the 16 bar theater audition soprano edition. Auditions for northamptonshire county music groups, choirs, ensembles and young actors company are open to young musicians, singers, and actors in full. Temby soprano saxophone in great condition, nickel, semiprofessional. Saxophone jobs saxophone auditions saxophone employment. I have been playing saxophone since i was in high school i am 66 years old now. If you are concerned about the quality of the soprano saxophone, you need to go for a product that is made out bronze. For a student or hobbyist, an allora aass301 series student soprano saxophone is a great place to start. Student saxophones such as the john packer jp041 eb alto saxophone are suitable for first time players and are very competitively priced.

Featuring ribbed construction, a red brass body, pisoni pro pads, hand engraving, and a choice of finishes, the paris series alto saxophone is as fun to play as it is good looking. Gear4music stock many saxophones from elkhart to yanagisawa, and soprano to bass. Over time, many manufacturers have developed their own take on the instrument, and some have proven to be important to the development of the. The saxophone selection includes alto saxophones, soprano saxophones, and tenor saxophones, as well as baritone and bass saxophones. The singers musical theatre anthology 16bar audition. The saxophone is an instrument that has been making beautiful music for over 120 years. It is larger than the tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, which are the other commonly found members of the family.

Wholesale soprano saxophone in saxophone buy cheap soprano. The 16bar theatre audition baritonebass by songbook. Jan 21, 2016 most saxophonists audition on the alto sax because the vast majority of quality repertoire is written for alto. Alternately, you can select the browse button to the right of this page and filter by new or used mouthpieces. Of the 14 varieties originally conceived by adolphe sax in the 1840s, these two instruments are the lowest saxophones regularly heard in modern music. Im a tenor sax player in my junior year of high school and am now doing the whole college searching thing. See more ideas about alto sax sheet music, saxophone music and saxophone notes. Each book has a completely different song list, with songs carefully chosen for the voice type.

The saxophone has undergone countless design changes and innovations in its 169year history. Find your perfect vocal audition piece musicnotes now. Welcome to our saxophone catalog, the worlds largest selection of saxophone sheet music for todays saxophonist. As in all performance, the quality of your tone will be paramount to how your playing is perceived in general. How to play fly me to the moon on sax by bart howard firsthow to play mario theme song on saxophone, by koji kondo,saxophone fingering chart for sax station subscriberssuperstition stevie wonder horn line on saxophone, by eartalk dirty jason derulo how to play sax line, part of. Saxophones for sale john packer ltd woodwind musical. You may search by manufacturer name using the search field in the upper right corner of the page. Schiller american heritage curved soprano saxophone the attitude. There are many quality transcriptions available for saxophone of baroque, classical, and romantic works originally written for violin, flute, cello, etc. Conn 1930 art deco, new wonder ii chu berry tenor saxophone with gold bell. I have included only a few of these in my lists, but they are an important part of a saxophonists repertoire and musical education, and should not be neglected.

The singers musical theatre anthology 16bar audition and over 8 million other books are available for amazon kindle. Small but high pitched and a little different than the standard. List of top 5 best professional alto saxophone on the market available. When a hole is opened, the tone gets higher, when a. Playing the baritone or bass saxophone is an entirely different experience from a higher sax like the alto or soprano. Soprano saxophone finger chart notes for soprano sax. So far, francaixs 9 historiettes looks like it could be adapted for the combination of soprano voice, saxophone and piano. I am doing an audition for yjb youth jazz band and i need a jazz piece to audition from, preferably i want it well know and not incredibly difficult to play. Shop and buy the 16bar theatre audition belter mezzo soprano sheet music. Twelve outstanding arrangements for the young jazz ensemble written by experienced educational arrangers and composers. Current selection of great soprano and sopranino saxophones at price you can afford. Not only does the instrument respond well and sound great, but it is also affordable. Of the 14 different varieties of saxophone originally conceived by adolphe sax in the 1840s, these two instruments produced the deepest, lowest notes, much different from the alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones you are probably most familiar with.

Sonata in g minor soprano or tenor during the four years of study in the degree program bachelor of music in music performance saxophone, a varied repertoire should be chosen from pieces similar to those listed below. It even comes with a wood frame case, mouthpiece, ligature and cap, perfect for getting anyone started. Buy 16 bar theatre audition soprano solo collec at. Soprano saxophone sally mactaggart, alto saxophone victoria benjamin, tenor.

Ideal for concert band, comes in nickel finish with decorative floral engraving on the bell. Whether you aspire to be the next kenny g or simply want to make the transition from an entrylevel instrument, you can find the perfect intermediate soprano saxophone to suit your tastes right here. These bari saxes are perfect for developing music students, but still at affordable prices. The 10 most important saxophone models and their players. The work of classical saxophone keeps expanding and it is difficult for someone new to classical music knows where to start. Allora vienna series intermediate curved soprano saxophone. The best selection of saxophone sheet music available online is right at your fingertips at.

The soprano saxophone is a higherregister variety of the saxophone, a woodwind instrument, invented in the 1840s. The glory b flat tenor saxophone has style and smooth sound from the bowl to the reed, and everywhere in between. In our catalog you will find music published by companies from around the world, at reasonable prices, as well as a wide selection of recordings and discount reeds. Free saxophone sheet music download pdf or print on. I love vintage saxophones that have been lovingly restored to playability, if not to their original patina. Soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone. A wellplayed baroque piece on soprano or baritone saxophone can be lovely. First of all, you need to take a look at the type of material that is being used to construct your soprano. It features professional key styling and pitch consistency. We carry a variety of new and used baritone saxophone mouthpieces. You truly cannot go wrong with this alto saxophone. Saxophone auditions these are the requirements for all undergraduate degree programs. The only requirements are 2 songs of contrasting styles that best display my ablity.

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